“We know what you need to know….from how to ship it properly, to private and personalized registration, licensing information, and tons of free and exact information about everything else you can ask for.”​

We urge you to register your dealership with us on line. A few minutes online will save you many hours of document preparation, expense, and will benefit you and your customers in many ways. Our statistics show that more than 80% of new car dealers are not familiar with the registration procedures of the State in which the Buyer resides. We facilitate the registration of vehicles that are being shipped from other dealerships to customers in other States by using the Plates by Mail program
that permits us to send License Plates, Titles and Certificate of Registration to any address worldwide, BEFORE THE VEHICLE IS SHIPPED.

DMV Express is staffed by an elite team of professional registration specialists who work one on one with you and your customer to insure that all documents are properly prepared from the time you sell the vehicle to your receipt of License plates, Title, and Registration

One call to our support center is all that is required to reach a registration specialist who will guide your staff about proper completion and notarization of MSO’s, additional required documents, titles and sales taxes. The same specialist will always be available to you for any questions that you or your customer may have.

What you do

First, call our support center during office hours, 8am to 4:30pm, Eastern Standard Time. After hours, please leave voice mail our support center. Advise the information specialist that you are in the process of, or have already sold a vehicle that is being shipped to a State where the Buyer resides. The specialist will take it from here and advise you about sending us the vehicle specifications and buyer information.

All documents are immediately inspected upon receipt and you will receive a confirmation call within 15 minutes, from a DMV Express Registration specialist. From this point forward, you will have immediate contact with the same person. This preserves continuity and insures that your documents will be properly prepared as required by the state that the vehicle will be registered.

Titling registration in the State where vehicle has been purchased.

New Vehicleon MSO.

Please do not register or title this vehicle in your State. We will do it for you.

Remember that the MSO must be NOTARIZED even if your State does not notarize

MSO’s, Call us for instructions FIRST!

Used vehicles


into new owners name. DO NOT pay registration fees to your State. New and used vehicles are treated the same way. All registration fees and/or transfers of ownership in some cases will be established by the State to which the vehicle is being shipped. Each County has different rates.

Mandatory auto insurance requirements

Vehicles CANNOT be registered without proof of insurance!
Please remember to advise your customer that they must have ( mandatory ) auto insurance and a proof of insurance card in their possession. We will require you to fax the proof of insurance to us.. Call our support center. Tell your customer to call their current insurance company to advise them that they have purchased a vehicle that is being shipped to the State  of their choice. They should be very specific and ask their agent to fax you with the insurance card or insurance documents..