DMV Express is the first and largest automobile registration company in the United States. We provide personalized vehicle licensing services in all 50 States. Our mission is to assist the residents of each state who want expedited services, and people who are either purchasing a new vehicle from a new car dealer in another state, the registration of their own vehicle with Out Of State plates or the registration of a new vehicle.​


General Electric

GE has a strong set of global businesses in infrastructure and finance aligned to meet today’s needs, including the demand for global infrastructure; growing and changing demographics that need access to healthcare, finance and information; and environmental technologies.

Our infrastructure businesses are helping build the energy, health, transportation, and technology infrastructure of the new century. These businesses provide the products and services that help developing regions participate in the global economy while also helping developed regions upgrade with cleaner, more efficient and better infrastructure technologies.


Penske Chevrolet

Penske Corporation is a closely-held, on-highway, diversified transportation services company whose subsidiaries operate in a variety of industry segments, including retail automotive, truck leasing, transportation logistics, transportation component manufacturing and professional motorsports.

Penske Corporation manages businesses with revenues in excess of $16 billion, operating in more than 1,800 locations and employing more than 36,000 people worldwide.

10Stacy and Witbeck

DMV Express enables us to move our vehicles fluidly between projects in multiple States and helps with transactions with multiple joint venture entities”. “

Their familiarity with the unique laws of each State and knowledge of the process needed to successfully title our on-road equipment makes them the right partner to minimize issues and remain compliant in each State”.

Mark Gaffney,
Corporate Equipment Manager